The power of persuasion in business

As already described in our article about public speaking, confidence can make an incredible difference in business and communication in general. Showing confidence can help you persuading prospects, colleagues or even bosses.

Owning the power of persuasion will get you farther in business and life in general.

The following three tips will help you be more persuasive in your professional life.

1. Confidence, confidence, confidence

As said in the introduction and our article on public speaking: confidence is everything.

Showing confidence will make it easier to persuade people that your way, reasoning or opinion is the correct one.

If you show confidence, you simply show that you truely believe in what you say.

If you speak full of doubt, why would other people not have this doubt? Showing confidence gives people less reason to doubt you, which leads to more persuasion.

2. Stick to facts

Want to persuade someone to follow your lead? You better have something to show for it.

Of course, confidence will get you far, but only so far.

Just being confident might bail you out a couple of times, but if you get caught out when it turns out you’re wrong, well, you’re screwed in the end.

Stick to the facts. This will help you initially persuade someone, but will also give you a bigger chance of succeeding with your way.

This in turn leads to more trust in you, your company or your brand, which makes you inherently more persuasive.

3. Be open for discussion

No one likes someone that is so full of his own ideas that there is no room for any discussion.

It has shown that people who constantly stick to their own ideas are in fact less persuasive, even if they do show confidence and facts.

By being open to other ideas, you will be perceived as someone who is actually putting in energy to find the correct information, method or practice.

Even if you’re already convinced you’re right and even if this has already been proven, it won’t hurt to atleast listen to someone else’s opinion, even if you won’t do anything with that opinion in the end.

By being understanding and open for feedback, you will eventually be way more persuasive than when you’re just sticking to your own ideas the entire time.

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