Staying focused during long days

During a long day of work it can become increasingly difficult to stay focused as time goes by. Still, this is important to remain effective en productive.

AimHighCoaching provides you with three important tips that will help you stay focused during those awful long days in the office.

1. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique?

It’s a productivity technique that was developed by Francesco Cirillo back in the ’80s, and still being used to this day by millions of people.

The concept is simple: you work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break, followed by another set of 25 minutes of work.

Every 25 minutes of work is called a “Pomodoro” (which means tomato in Italian).

After four pomodoros you take a longer 15 minute break.

The technique has shown to be highly effective to stay focused, as it is scientifically based on the average span of time an individual can keep his or her full focus on something.

2. Keep drinking water

It’s something that people often forget: drinking enough water throughout the day.

Drinking enough water is actually more important than often thought.

Water is vital for a well-functioning brain. If you’re thirsty, it is also harder to focus. Not just because you’re thinking of the thirst, but also because your brain is simply not functioning at its optimum, as is the body.

Always have water by your side and train yourself to drink a sip of water every 5 or so minutes. You will drink plenty of water this way and actually notice the difference.

3. Always plan your day

Even if you work well by “winging it”, it’s still a good idea to make a rough schedule for your day.

By knowing exactly what has to be done during the day, it’s easier to keep focused on your work.

Make a little checklist and check each task that you’ve finished.

This will function as a reward: you can check off more and more tasks, which is pleasing for the brain.

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